May 132019

Oh, the sadness. Oh, the heartbreak. Never mind, stiff upper lip and all that, and remembering that I got the thing from the dump (sans disk and RAM) over a 18 months ago, it has not had a bad run.

Aaand just in case I come across a PSU and get her running again, she was:

Old OMV4 box

DELL Inspiron 545
Serial: 839DK4J
Model: DCMF
Reg Type: 09040
Printed on mobo:

So, on to something bigger and better:


lshw -short

system SYS-6016T-NTRF-GI016 (To Be Filled By O.E.M.)
bus X8DTU-F
memory 64KiB BIOS
American Megatrends AMIBIOS v02.67 # <del>; on POST

2 x E5645 @ 2.40GHz
/0/4 processor Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU
/0/4/5 memory 384KiB L1 cache
/0/4/6 memory 1536KiB L2 cache
/0/4/7 memory 12MiB L3 cache
6 cores, 12 threads
Max # of Memory Channels 3


Twelve 240-pin DIMM sockets support:
up to 192 GB* of DDR3 Registered ECC
up to 48 GB of Unbuffered ECC/Non-ECC DDR3 1333 MHz/1066 MHz/800 MHz
12 DIMM modules.

(*Refer to Supermicro’s memory recommendation list posted on our website at See Section 2-4 in Chapter 2 for DIMM Slot Population.)

lshw -c MEMORY

description: DIMM 1333 MHz (0.8 ns)
product: HMT151R7TFR4C-H9
vendor: Hyundai
physical id: 4
serial: 80B7B92B
slot: P0_DIMM3A
size: 4GiB
width: 64 bits
clock: 1333MHz (0.8ns)

And from memory sticker…

4GB 2Rx4 PC3 – 10600R – 9 – 10 – E1
HMT151R7TFR4C-H9 T7 AE – C 1123

Mar 092018

Having just dropped a couple of 4TB Western Digital NAS drives in the openmediavault box, I can now get around to adding more media. My Moby Dick is split over two DVD disks… that’s a pain. Let’s join them…

The obvious, and lazy, and probably-will-not-work way:

~/MyRips/Moby Dick (1998)
$ cat "Moby Dick (1998) - CD 1.avi" "Moby Dick (1998) - CD 2.avi" > "Moby Dick (1998).avi"

Video will only play the length of the first file because this is where the avi header information is. Have to rebuild header information. suggests mencoder, but another tool from half-a-decade ago seems like hassle.

So let’s do this with ffmpeg (making temporary list first for flexibility)…

~/MyRips/Moby Dick (1998)
$ printf "file '%s'\n" ./*.avi > manifest.txt
$ ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i manifest.txt -c copy "Moby Dick (1998)"



$ find STREAM -type f -name '*' -printf "file '$PWD/%p'\n"
Mar 082018

Again with the Openmediavault NAS.

A fair few movies I encoded to result in less than 1080P files in order to preserve disk space. That is not really an issue (for now). So, what movies have what resolution?

(I feel like this should all been in shell script, but hey; whatever works right?!)

require 'find'

basedir = '/Volumes/Movies'

# get filetypes
# find . -type f | egrep -i -E -o "\.{1}\w*$" | sort -su

files = %x[find #{basedir} -type f | egrep -i -E  "\.mp4|\.avi|\.mkv|\.m4v|\.mpg" | sort -d]
videos = files.split(/\n+/)
videos = videos.reject! {|item| item =~ /sample.*|\._.*/i }

# puts "#{videos.size} videos found\n"
# videos.each { |x|
#   puts "#{x}\n"
# }'low-res-video.txt', 'w') do |fo|
  videos.each do |x|
    size = %x[/usr/local/bin/ffprobe -v error -select_streams v:0 -show_entries stream=width -of default=noprint_wrappers=1:nokey=1 '#{x}']
    if size.to_i < 1080
      fo.puts "#{x}...#{size} less than 1080P... reencode?"

Output something like:

/Volumes/Movies/_German language movies/Nackt unter Wolfen (2015)/Nackt unter Wolfen (2015).mkv...720
 less than 1080P... reencode?
/Volumes/Movies/_German language movies/The Edukators (2004)/The Edukators (2004)-CD1.avi...592
 less than 1080P... reencode?
/Volumes/Movies/_German language movies/The Edukators (2004)/The Edukators (2004)-CD2.avi...592
 less than 1080P... reencode?