Jul 082013


They took out 25 stitches today and replaced them with the butterfly stitches to reduce superficial scaring. Nice of them, but skin scars do no really matter much to me.


Anyway the big stuff:

  • Flexor Digitalis Superficialis @ 2, 3 and 4 was completely severed as was the Flexor Carpi Radialis and the Flexor Digitalis Profundus of 3.
  • FDP-2 and FDP-4 cut but not severed
  • FDS-5 was damaged. 
  • A portion of FDS-3 was transferred and sutured to FDP-3.

All internal suturing was done with FiberWire using modified (Tajima) Kessler grasping knots.

No damage to nerves…. that’s good news! Damed close call on the radial, however.

Back on July 23 to see the surgeon, and in the meantime I have hand therapy scheduled for this July 11 and the following Monday (July 15).

Fingers and wrist are immobilized in a splint– and will be for another six weeks, except for scheduled exercises.

Still fucking painful; still feels like molten lead is flowing through my forearm!

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