Jan 252012

Can’t recall through the fog of my own stupidy why I felt it necessaey to whois yearl.us. Anyway, suprised to see Enom Inc in the response, and I don’t recall them from the initial registration though “registry rocket”, a link followed from the ever-so-awesome folks at http://freedns.afraid.org. So, being clouded I thought “scam”, “buyout”. “Oh, woes”!, and cast around for a registrar to which to transfer.

Cloudy fog of indignation made somewhat more insideous in that I could not log into hregistryrocket.com “Error: domain does not exist”.

Yeah, well. Turns out that “registry rocket” is an automated system to allow resale of Enom’s services, and afraid.org, in order to make a little extra cash, had used this system. Of course by this point I’d already gotten my epp code and had selected http://dynadot.com to be my new registrar.

Deal, still not done what to do? Current registration is a little more expensive, but I’m supportingĀ freedns.afraid.org. Solved with teh resolution that I’ll donate some subdomains and send a few $$ in their general direction. Plus, I get to try out this whole transfer business… never done that before.

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