Mar 302012

A listing of the tobacco blends tried, roughly in order.
Some of my reviews
* == unsmoked, but in the ‘cellar’.

  1. Seven Seas Royal Blend(MacBaren)
  2. Chairmans flake (James Barber)
  3. My Mixture 965(Dunhill)
  4. Squadron Leader (Samuel Gawith)
  5. Nightcap (Dunhill)
  6. Eureka (?? Aromatic from the US.. a gift)
  7. Aromatic #7 (?? Aromatic from the US.. a gift)
  8. Irish Whiskey (Peterson)
  9. Full Virginia Flake (Samuel Gawith)
  10. Peterson’s Perfect Plug (Peterson)
  11. Skiff Mixture (Samuel Gawith)
  12. Early Morning Pipe (Dunhill)
  13. Hal o’ the Wynd (Rattray’s)
  14. Old Joe Krantz (Cornell & Diehl)
  15. Marlin Flake (Rattray’s)
  16. Blue Mountain (McClelland)
  17. Tree Mixture (Robert Lewis)
  18. Balkan Mixture (Gawith Hoggarth)
  19. Balkan Supreme (Peter Stokkebye)
  20. Harkness Tower (Owl Shop, New Haven, CT)
  21. Bull’s Eye (Orlik)
  22. Tudor Castle (McClelland)
  23. Revor Plug (Gawith Hoggarth)
  24. Royal Yacht (Dunhill) *
  25. Burley Slice (Wessex)*
  26. Scottish Flake (Robert McConnell)*

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