Sep 232014

I keep meaning to get around to do this, but never do. This evening I took a look at and the installation of its CLI program had a homebrew option, so then was a good a moment as any, that and with the imminent relsease of OS 42 (X.10.10)…

$brew -v

==> 0.9.5

$sudo chown -R `whoami` /usr/local
$cd /usr/local
$git fetch origin
$git reset --hard origin/master
$brew cleanup
$brew upgrade

==> ALL OK!

$brew update

==> Err. re. tap … but mostly OK.
–exercism install–

$brew tap homebrew/binary
$brew install exercism

==> Err 🙁 “no available formula for exercism” “searching taps…”

$brew untap homebrew/binary
$brew upgrade
$brew update
$brew tap homebrew/binary
$brew install exercism

==> DICE

$exercism configure --key=MY_API_KEY

==>config at ~/.exercism.json
==> API key is in accounts at


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  1. Thank you so very much! This was golden!

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