Apr 242013

So, I’ve signed up for “Greek and Latin Mythology” from U. Penn at coursera.org. It should be an interesting diversion in these times of my doing relatively little. A little Homer, Aristarchus, Thucydides, Aristophanes, Vergil, Ovid and the like would be welcome relief. Read all– or almost all– of these in English translation as a late teenager, and some of the Latin authors in the original. The Greek however… well, I never got very far with that in High School. Not saying I will this time, but there’s a niggling thing at the back of my mind saying that any time learning more of the aorist and the optative etc. would not entirely be wasted.

I may get around to posting my “lecture” notes, but in the meantime some links.


  • Kalós — a dictionary and morphological analysis tool. Java. Free as in beer.
  • Unicorn — a text editor with built in Latin & Greek dictionaries. Java. Free as in beer.
  • Unicode Greek fonts — note Ariscarcoj
  • TITUS Cyberbit font — I remember this puppy from setting Devangaari script a half-lifetime ago at Yale.
  • Gentium font has support for polytonic Greek


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