Jul 212015
Playing with Karabiner and searching for others’ keybindings has led me somewhat down the rabbit hole of window management on OS X. There seem to be a bunch, some light-weight, some heavy. Some under active development, others that seem to be abandoned.
managing windows can be a PITA, lots of precision dragging and resizing and all to get the windows into the desired position. Several window managers exist for OS X, and a short, short list would include:
 Slate seems to have been top dog for a while, but is no longer in active development. It would seem that it was replaced by mjolnir https://github.com/sdegutis/mjolnir/ which is not a window manager _per se_ but an automation enviroment (using Lua). Indeed a little like— and superseded by:
# hammerspoon: http://www.hammerspoon.org
Two videos showing the first, moom, and the latter, hammerspoon emulating moom-like behaviour:

Moom window placement:

Hammerspoon window placement:

The keyboard shortcuts in the hammerspoon example are predicated on setting up a “hyper” key, a meta modifier in Karabiner. More on that later.
Of course all these “auxiliary” apps that make life a little easier on OS X seem to want a place on the menu bar… and that leads into apps that tidy up that menu bar: