Feb 162013

The not-very-much-used-by-me Posterous is going offline on April 30th 2013, roughly 12 months after its acquisition by Twitter. I had a few on-and-off posts there, and I guess it would sort of be a shame to loose them, so this is an attempted replacement. The Posterous blog is copied here: http://sjy.yearl.us/sjy/posterous/blog.yearl.us/ … that was a simple 

wget -r -l inf -k -E -p -nc blog.yearl.us

but I thought I’d also try and group these pages into WordPress itself a lá http://en.support.wordpress.com/import/import-from-posterous/

Of course setting up WordPress was a breeze.

  • Set up a blank MySQL database with an admin user
  • Then on the server with the webserver (in my case Apacehe2)
mkdir sjy
cd sjy
wget http://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz
tar xzf latest.tar.gz
cd wordpress
mv * ..
cd ..
rm -rf wordpress
mv wp-config-sample.php wp-config.php
vi wp-config

Setting the login details of the MySQL database. And that is that. Went on into install the Suffusion theme for WordPress (because although I do not intend to style this, my wife’s gluten-free cooking blog uses Suffusion) and the CodeColorer  plugin.



Jan 292012

Fsked the http://mary.yearl.us WP install last night whilst arsing with names. One single bloody typo in “site URL” and good luck getting back into the admin panel. WP does not even offer a warning that changing this might be a bad thing, or potentially so.

Fortunately having access to the database I could edit the value in-place in the tables… now all is well again with the world.

…except for the fact that I felt I had to sign up–finally– for a twitter account just so I could get an API key in order to explore some things on Mar’s blog. And it turns out another yearl.* has @yearlus as his handle. Grrr. for some reason this bothers me. Bothers me to the extent that I offerered him a free subdomain of his choosing under yearl.us. I’d take that deal if I were him.

Jan 252012

Can’t recall through the fog of my own stupidy why I felt it necessaey to whois yearl.us. Anyway, suprised to see Enom Inc in the response, and I don’t recall them from the initial registration though “registry rocket”, a link followed from the ever-so-awesome folks at http://freedns.afraid.org. So, being clouded I thought “scam”, “buyout”. “Oh, woes”!, and cast around for a registrar to which to transfer.

Cloudy fog of indignation made somewhat more insideous in that I could not log into hregistryrocket.com “Error: domain does not exist”.

Yeah, well. Turns out that “registry rocket” is an automated system to allow resale of Enom’s services, and afraid.org, in order to make a little extra cash, had used this system. Of course by this point I’d already gotten my epp code and had selected http://dynadot.com to be my new registrar.

Deal, still not done what to do? Current registration is a little more expensive, but I’m supporting freedns.afraid.org. Solved with teh resolution that I’ll donate some subdomains and send a few $$ in their general direction. Plus, I get to try out this whole transfer business… never done that before.