Mar 092018

Having just dropped a couple of 4TB Western Digital NAS drives in the openmediavault box, I can now get around to adding more media. My Moby Dick is split over two DVD disks… that’s a pain. Let’s join them…

The obvious, and lazy, and probably-will-not-work way:

~/MyRips/Moby Dick (1998)
$ cat "Moby Dick (1998) - CD 1.avi" "Moby Dick (1998) - CD 2.avi" > "Moby Dick (1998).avi"

Video will only play the length of the first file because this is where the avi header information is. Have to rebuild header information. suggests mencoder, but another tool from half-a-decade ago seems like hassle.

So let’s do this with ffmpeg (making temporary list first for flexibility)…

~/MyRips/Moby Dick (1998)
$ printf "file '%s'\n" ./*.avi > manifest.txt
$ ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i manifest.txt -c copy "Moby Dick (1998)"



$ find STREAM -type f -name '*' -printf "file '$PWD/%p'\n"