Mar 302015

I never really did manage to get into the swing of things with Sublime Text everyone’s favourite general-purpose editor since, well TextMate fell out of favour ca. 2009-ish, and generally stuck to TextMate. Sure there’s VIM (and it is awesome), but really? Life _is_ better with a pretty and functional editor.

And then along came Atom… as well as a few others: Brackets and Light Table to name the other two newbies, all better described at SitePoint. Suffice to say that Atom won for me. Despite it being very Sublime-like, I felt comfortable with it. So here, culled from .zsh_history, those Themes and Packages that I have installed and not uninstalled over the last eight months or so:

Themes (used under bright ambient light, also Atom’s built-in “One Light” UI)

❯ apm install unity-ui
❯ apm install pen-paper-coffee-syntax

Themes (used under bright ambient light, also Atom’s built in “One Dark” UI)

❯ apm install isotope-ui
❯ apm install zenburn

Themes (basically unused; railscasts for nostalgia; github, because wihout it there would be no Atom)

❯ apm install inspired-github
❯ apm install railscasts-theme


❯ apm install open-in-browser
❯ apm install color-picker
❯ apm install csslint
❯ apm install linter-rubocop
❯ apm install linter-csslint
❯ apm install emmet
❯ apm install autocomplete-plus
❯ apm install atom-beautify
❯ apm install latex
❯ apm install language-latex
❯ apm install fancy-new-file
❯ apm install file-icons
❯ apm install filetype-color