Mar 192017

# Disable “Eject” in keyboard settings. It is the first entry under “Sound and Media”
# create a file, ~/.Xmodmap, adding the line:

keycode 151 = BackSpace

# run

xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

# add that to wherever your startup scripts are for persistence

The keycode mappings I got from xev, kind of like “keyboard viewer” in OS X. Its available in the Solus repo:

sudo eopkg install xev

  2 Responses to “Remapping Macbook Pro eject key under Solus linux”

  1. like i’ve been googling forever to find the answer to something so simple.
    works on Ubuntu 16.10 BTW. minus ur derpy packaging. Is solus any good?

    • I have it installed on an old Lenovo X201 (4GB RAM, 128GB SSD), a 2016 Dell Inspiron 14-3452, and a 2012 MBP (A1286) in a Parallels 11 VM. Everything has worked pretty flawlessly.

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