Oct 092018

Again with the casual breakage! For whatever reason(s) my openmediavault installation decided that it did not want to accept the addition of new shared folders. Yep, the disks are good (well a couple of SMART errors on the spinning rust, but nothing unexpected), everything is updated and yet…


Troubleshooting was non-obvious, so the simple thing to do was to destroy and start again, to “nuke and repave”.

Get OMV Arrakis and install


Use Etcher to burn ISO to USB, and install ISOfollowing onscreen instructions. Make note of IP4 addr from installation.


From webgui… 0

usr: admin
pswd: openmediavault

  • change passwords, ssh port, httpd port
  • add “network” user

Install OMV extras plugin

$ ssh networkdude@
# sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
# wget -O – http://omv-extras.org/install | bash
# apt-get install python-pip
# pip install python-magic

From webgui… 1

  • mount filesystems under
    File Systems


  • add shares under
    Shared Folders


  • add Shared Folders under

    for network discovery. Everything allos “guest” except root directory.

  • under

    set up scheduled copy of WDR4TB-UK to WDR4TB-USthe two Western Digital Red drives in the system (system drive is a ca, 160GB Hitachi SSD). No fancy RAIDing or shit. Just one media drive backed up to another.

  • install Docker CE
  • from Docker install
    • Emby (plex replacement)
    • LazyLibrarian
    • Headphones
    • ¿¿ Nextcloud ?? (already have this on a VPS, but…)
    • ¿¿ Pihole ?? (already have this on a rasp-pi, but for backup?)
    • ¿¿ Podcast server ?? — do I really want ot open up the network?
    • jupityer notebooks?
    • ¿¿ other docker awesomeness

Installing Docker apps/services all follows the same model. Confusing at first (esp if you do not read the docs), but pretty straightforward.  If you get one down the rest will slot nicely into place.

SO… the settings for lazylib:



With PGID and PUID coming from

S id<span class="">networkdude</span>

,  group and user id respectively.

And the ress of the settigngs coming from info from the docker container…

<br /><br /><pre><code>docker create \
  --name=lazylibrarian \
  -v <path to data>:/config \
  -v <path to data>:/downloads \
  -v <path to data>:/books \
  -e PGID=<gid> -e PUID=<uid>  \
  -e TZ=<timezone> \
  -p 5299:5299 \

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