Jun 272013

Had surgery today to repair the severed tendons in  my wrist yesterday. Full-on, no holds barred general anesthetic and two and a half hours under the knife of a very well respected orthopedic surgeon working out of New England Baptist Hospital. General anaesthetic worked like a charm, but I wish that i had more time to enjoy it. About 5 minuted of pre-anaesthesia sedative and then some pure oxygen. The last number I remember counting to was only 3!


The pic. here is the temporary suturing done  at Newton-Wellesley ER after clean up and glass removal, a small infusion of blood and my first experience with percocet. Sunday June 23, 2013, a day not to be forgotten.  It’s a teaching hospital, and Mr. K. asked for my consent to have videos/ photographs taken of the proceedings for later classroom use. I agreed on the proviso that I get copies of any materials so used.

I wish I had the foresight to take a photo before these temporary stitches were put in. As I watched the physician stitch away I was quite taken with the depth of the wound, and the weirdness of trying to wiggle my fingers knowing that the index, middle and ring fingers were not actually connected to flexor muscles anymore.

Follow up meeting in two weeks time. Until then it’s Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and lots of HBO reruns with my new best friend Percocet 5/325. The nerve block on the right brachial plexus before seeing me home last night is starting to wear off. That’s good in that I can move my arm, bad in that it feels as though molten lead is pouring through my veins.

Since typing is a royal pain in the arse, I’m just going to copy “what happened” from a FB message I sent to a friend:

Going to the toilet, middle of the night. Used ambient light to see my way back to bed as I always do. Stepped on a f^cking kids’ toy. Put my hand out to catch my fall… found a 8×8 glass pane instead.Un-f^cking-believable! All the sh1t I’ve punched (glass and otherwise) when either angry or drunk and nothing happens. Then sober and sleepy I completely sever tendons. I think it’s true what they say: God really does protect the intoxicated.




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