Feb 082012

It can take a wee while after getting “sage” to hit 1500. Lots of pretty mundane traceroute6-ing, ping-ing and such, but I stuck through it:

IPv6 Certification Badge for sjy2


Really I should have scripted something to chron submit the result entries when the command result was obviously valid, but by the time I had found a reliable list of valid ipv6 addrs that were alive and correctly reporting it was too late for me to bother… and besides I sort of enjoyed the daily catharsis of taking five minutes to submit.

I’d usually stretch it out for ten or fifteen minutes when he kids were being particularly narky… sorry Mrs Sjy2!

Of course it’s of no practical use to me; but Hurricane Electric‘s IPv6 certification certainly has raised ipv6 awareness, I’d say. Actually, I lied there… one tangible benefit was free dinner and cocktails aboard the USS Hornet. My eldest and I took a relative. We had a blast.

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